Initial Assessment

£85 (45- 60 minutes)

Is the starting point for all new patients and will determine the type of chiropractic care best suited for your specific condition and pain relief.  The initial assessment will include:

  • review of your current condition,
  • review of medical history,
  • discussion of your health needs,
  • an assessment of nerve and musculo-skeletal systems.

We will discuss a working diagnosis and any questions or concerns you may have regarding your care.  If you have diagnostic imaging that you would like to discuss, please send the images to prior to your appointment date.

You are encouraged to bring a chaperone, if you would feel more at ease.

On your first visit, please check in with reception on the 4th floor. From there you will be collected from the reception area and directed to office 320.

Chiropractic Adjustment

 £45 (10 -20 minutes)

Spinal joint mobilization using specific chiropractic techniques and one or more of the following:

  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Gait analysis and postural review
  • Advice and encouragement

Functional Capacity testing

£50 (30 minutes)

Functional capacity testing is for patients who have completed their active care plan; and to determine if additional care is required to successfully meet treatment goals. The test is also designed to determine if patients can progress to the next phase of care, which is more physically intensive.

In office Exercise Review

£45 (10-20 minutes)

In office exercise review follows functional capacity testing. The patient is given chiropractic treatment in addition to one or two specific exercises. The chiropractor will demonstrate rehabilitative exercises and observe/correcting patient performance. Alternatively, patient may demonstrate exercises they have been performing on their own or under the direction of another professional.

Outside office Exercise Review

£100 (50 minutes)

Outside office exercise review follows functional capacity testing. The chiropractor will observe patient performing exercises outside the office.