The Sweet (Dis-)Satisfaction of Self-manipulation

Self Manipulation Guy.png

I frequently hear “the clicking makes it feel better …”, until it doesn’t. For many seeking chiropractic care, they have experienced spinal manipulation via their own hand, by others who are untrained or have seen it performed on Youtube. Some are self-proclaimed spinal manipulators who cannot control their frequent, daily habit. But, is self-manipulation creating more harm than good?

Effects of self-manipulation:

  • Creates hypermobile joints that make audible clicking noises.

  • Does not address the underlying causes of muscular imbalances.

  • Will result in osteoarthrosis via a piezoelectric effect – the creation of calcific bone spurs around the joints. 

Opt for stability and not hyper-mobility by:

  • Seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic for professional spinal manipulation.

  • Correcting weakness of the multifidi (deep back muscles) through targeted corrective exercises.

The combination of chiropractic care and functional corrective exercise training is a highly effective and evidence-based treatment.